Cleaning Terra Cotta

Terracotta tiles are a popular choice among homeowners looking for a rustic and romantic feel. Terracotta is widely used for roof tiles, floor tiles, and pavers, and is available in a range of different cuts, textures, and hues. However, being a porous material, terracotta is prone to collecting dirt and grime, and is a prime breeding ground for mould and lichen. Terracotta's porous nature combined with Brisbane's humid weather and dusty days can result in your terracotta roof tiles quickly becoming unsightly, damaged, and even dangerous.

The growth of mould and lichen on terracotta is attractive to some, but shouldn't be. Grimy terracotta tiles typically result from years of neglect, and can negatively affect the appearance of your home. In addition, mould and lichen can sap away at the structure of your tiles, leaving them brittle and prone to breakage. Even worse, grimy floor or paving tiles can become slippery, particularly in wet weather, posing a hazard to yourself and your family.

However, restoring your terracotta tiles needn't be an expensive chore. Although you may be cringing at the thought of purchasing new roof or paving tiles, rest assured that doing so is rarely necessary. Rather, a simple one-time high pressure clean from an expert service can blast away all traces of mould and grime, leaving only the stunning rich terracotta look you've always longed for.

A1 Pressure Cleaning has years of experience in cleaning terracotta of all types. Whether you're after a terracotta roof tile clean, or a terracotta paver clean, A1 can help return your terracotta to an as-new state. Not only do we clear away the black mould and grime affecting your tiles, but we also offer a commercial grade sealant treatment designed to keep mould and dirt away for years to come. A1 will also make a note of any tiles that have become damaged as a result of neglect or the elements, helping you to get on top of any repairs that need to be made before they become a serious issue.

So if you want to get your terracotta roof or paving back in shape, and restore your peace of mind in doing so, call A1 Pressure Cleaning, Brisbane's premier terracotta maintenance service. We service all areas of metropolitan Brisbane, and offer a quick turnaround on all jobs. We also have some of the most competitive rates in the business, which is another great reason to get your free quote today!

Just LOOK At What These Customers Have To Say About Our Terra Cotta Cleaning Service

We have terracotta paving tiles, and while they look great when they're fresh and new, we found out the hard way that they don't stay that way for long. Although we tried to keep them looking great, we knew that we were fighting a losing battle. After a while we decided that the best thing to do was to call in a team of professionals to help out. A1 Terracotta Cleaning was amazing. They deep cleaned our tiles so that you'd think that they were brand new. I'm very impressed. Thanks A1!

Henry Heading

Our terracotta roof has been a life-long struggle. Ever since we moved in to our home, we've found that it's prone to becoming soiled with moss and lichen. It's been worse since the neighbours' trees have grown so tall, too. However, after a disastrous incident where my husband tried to get up on the roof to clean it, we decided that the best course of action would be to call A1 Terracotta Cleaning for help. I'm pleased to say that they got back to us right away, and that the job was done in no time at all. I'll definitely be calling A1 again if our roof needs some more TLC!

Anna McMinn

If you've ever had terracotta pavers you'll know only too well how quickly they become rust stained and mould stained. Unfortunately, ours were no different, and after trying to scrub them down with a vinegar wash I simply gave up and called in A1. I have to say that their work was a lot better than mine! In no time at all they had my terracotta paths looking as good as new. Thanks so much, A1.

Poppy Oliver

If you want your terracotta properly cleaned, then I can't recommend A1 Terracotta Cleaning enough. They got back to me straight away with a quote, and came around promptly to look at my terracotta and make a cleaning assessment. My terracotta was cleaned in no time at all, and it looks great, too. What a result!

Sara Carr-Boyd

Our terracotta roof has been looking pretty sorry, I have to admit, and I know that the tiles aren't in great shape. But A1 Terracotta Cleaning were amazing in accommodating us. They used a high pressure clean on some of the tiles, and low-pressure cleaned the ones that were suffering from wear and tear. The result was a great clean and absolutely no damage to our tiles. Thanks so much for the thorough clean, A1!

Aidan Schlunke